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Stohlquist Seatow Bullet Bag

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Streamlined and low-profile tow bag gloms onto PFD back. At hand and ready
for use, even in large swells.

» 55’ of high-vis, floating solid-core polypropylene rope

    • 3/16” diameter rope, with 700 lbs tensile strength

» Belt loops mount onto quick release tow harness
» Carabiner doubles as a rip cord handle for easy twist deployment
» 1/4” thick PE float foam plate lays flush against the PFD back
» Rope feeds out through gusseted, reverse tapered 200D Oxford nylon
» Internal drawcord & barrel lock secures rope inside while not in use
» With a tug the stopper knot “punches through” and releases
» Also available as a kit which includes the 1½” QR Belt