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Full House

Ursprünglicher Preis €1.390,00 - Ursprünglicher Preis €1.490,00
Ursprünglicher Preis
€1.390,00 - €1.490,00
Aktueller Preis €1.390,00

Unser neuestes Boot, der Full House!

Lieferbar ab Ende April!

Maße: Länge:  284cm Breite: 70cm Volumen: ca 360 Liter

Bei Wunschfarben bitte ein mail an info@spadekayaks.com mit der gewünschten Farbe.

Full House

With our 10 year anniversary right around the corner we are getting ready for our 10th white water kayak. So far We've got you covered with some of the fastest big water chargers in their class and provide you with a range of slicy, precise and playfull river runners and racing boats.

We are now ready to introduce our take on the modern creek boat. The „Full House“.

It comes with all the rocker you need to help you keep your face dry over all those features that used to push you around. But doesn't a lot of rocker make for a slower kayak? Correct! That's why we chose to bump the length up to 284 cm, tweaking the waterline to strike a comfortable balance between speed, agility, the abilitiy to get your nose up on that pillow from all possible angles, and skip that nasty hole right into oblivion.

The overall width comes in at 70 cm. Which enables us to have a wide and stable platform without getting boxy or susceptible  to side currents, curlers and the likes. When you come back from the edge there's no wobbling around. It's very easy to instantly gain control and tackle your next feature. This makes linking multiple moves or super buisy passages a breeze.

Another critical feature would be the volume distribution. The tail is not exactly slicy but it's slim enough to load it slightly while on edge and lift the bow even higher. As always we tried to keep the cockpit and knee area out of the paddlers way as much as possible. So at 360 L this is a big boat that doesn't feel massive or bulky but it will allow for a wide range of paddler weights and still offer enough space for all your multi day and expedition needs! 


Please understand that you should take everything you read here with a twinkle of the eye and a grain of salt. We all know that the paddler makes the boat go where it needs to go and no boat will save you from putting in the hours to become a better and more experienced paddler. Just like a sharp chisel will not carve the wood into a beautiful sculpture for you. That being said, the evolution in kayak design has for sure changed what’s possible and has altered how we view and assess river features.