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NRS SUP Board All-Water Fin

Ursprünglicher Preis €15,95 - Ursprünglicher Preis €15,95
Ursprünglicher Preis
€15,95 - €15,95
Aktueller Preis €15,95

Momentan ausverkauft! Lieferbar wieder ab Ende 2020/Anfang 2021!Allround Finne für NRS SUPs.

Purpose-built for all-around paddling, the NRS SUP Board All-Water Fin can handle slow-moving currents, short flatwater tours and anything in between.

    • Shaped and designed for versatile performance in a range of paddling conditions.

    • A tethered locking tab holds the fin securely in the plate.

    • Built with rugged nylon-reinforced plastic.

  • Compatible with any NRS or STAR iSUP, including older NRS models.


    • Nylon-reinforced plastic

Fin Dimensions:

    • 12 cm T

Base Dimensions:

    • 3.5 cm W x 19 cm L

Weight: 142 g