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NRS Coil SUP Leash

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€42,95 - €42,95
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Sup Leash für offene Gewässer! Nicht für Flüsse und Wildwasser geeignet!

The NRS SUP Board Leash features a tightly coiled line that stays out of your way when you don't need it. Great for flatwater stand up paddling.

    • The lightweight coiled leash stretches to allow full freedom of movement while staying out of your way when you're in the action.

    • The relaxed coil is only 51 cm long but extends to 350 cm.

    • Two in-line swivels keep the leash from tangling up.

    • 5 cm wide padded calf strap provides all-day comfort. Secures with a hook-and-loop closure.

    • Included lanyard allows easy attachment to the leash plug on a rigid SUP board.

  • For River SUP, choose the NRS Quick Release SUP Leash.