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NRS Basic Touring Safety Kit

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]Das NRS Basic Tourenset kommt mit Deckstasche, Lenzpumpe, Fox 40 Signalpfeife und Bootsschwamm.

Your car comes with lots of safety features, your touring boat doesn't. The NRS Basic Touring Safety Kit gives you four items that you shouldn't boat without - a whistle, paddle float, bilge pump, and boat sponge.

    • The Fox 40 Epik Whistle is a pea-less design that is ideal for water environments. It's loud, has a cushioned mouth grip and a breakaway lanyard.

    • The NRS Paddle Float is the best on the market. You only need to inflate one chamber when you need to rescue yourself; we add a second chamber for safety and dependability. Each chamber displaces 7 liters.

    • The NRS Bilge Pump is a heavy-duty pump, moving 30 liters a minute to dry your boat out in a hurry. Comes with its own foam float that saves it if lost overboard.

  • The Boat Sponge takes out the last bit of moisture and the sand and silt that the Bilge Pump doesn't reach.