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Helme - WRSI Helme


  • €189,95

    WRSI Trident Composite

    Score the best protection and style points too with the WRSI Trident Composite Helmet. With trusted technology and a sleek design, it's built to me...

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  • €109,95

    WRSI Current Helmet

    The WRSI Current Helmet is designed to provide maximum safety for whitewater kayakers, rafters and canoeists. The Current has redefined paddling he...

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  • €124,95

    WRSI Current Pro Helmet

    The WRSI Current Pro is based on the popular Current Helmet, with extra safety features. Removable ear pads and a stylish visor improve protection ...

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  • €169,95

    WRSI Moment Helmet

    The WRSI Moment full-face kayaking helmet gives you the same quality and safety you expect from the leaders in water helmet technology along with t...

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