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WRSI S-Turn Elbow Pads


Persönlich habe ich bisher Ellbogenschützer nur in Korsika benutzt, sie sind aber natürlich bei allen engen, steilen Alpinflüssen ratsam. Sie werden in der Regel über der Paddeljacke getragen. Die Schützer fallen eher klein aus.

Paddlers have a new weapon in the battle against immovable objects. Named for the classic rapid on the roadside Alseseca, the WRSI S-Turn Elbow Pad gives your pointy parts the ultimate protection from geologic threats.

    • Three adjustable straps and a mesh elastic sleeve with silicone grip lock the S-Turn comfortably in place.

    • ABS plastic armor shrugs off blows and glides across rock without catching.

    • 3 mm perforated foam padding absorbs impacts.

    • Patterned to flex naturally for unrestricted paddling.

    • Works equally well over bare arms or drytop sleeves.

  • Two sizes to fit nearly any paddler. Sold as a pair.