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Soul Particle Accelerator


Souls Kajakcross Modell für die olympischen Spiele in Paris!Wir haben ein Testboot in Matrei und stoppen gerne eure Zeiten im Vergleich zu anderen Kayak Cross Modellen!

Länge: 273cm

Breite: 64cm

Volumen: 225 Liter 

Cockpit: 87 x 51cm

Empfohlenes Paddlergewicht: 55 - 95kg

Frei Haus Lieferung in Deutschland und Österreich! In andere Länder auf Anfrage.

Kayak Cross is in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, and Soul has designed a boat with the primary goal of winning the games. But it's not just a race boat; it's also just a really fun and sporty playfull river runner.

We are known at Soul for making very fast boats, and high performance ones, and so it was only natural that we should create a boat using our wealth of experience and expertise to achieve this goal. If you want a boat that is assured to stack the cards in your favour, then you've come to the right place.

Often, the race is won in the first meters landing the drop off the ramp, and so it was imperative that the Particle Accelerator skip out of the landing efficiently. The tip of the bow has a scooped out concave, not unlike those used on big wave surfboards, to create lift as the kayak lands, while the "soft" planing hull skips the boat across the waters surface so you come out of the start at breakneck speed! Should the nose dip slightly, the deck is covered in small golf ball like "phasers" that break up surface tension, making for a more rapid resurfacing.

Head to head racing is combat, so we've stacked the cards in your favour. The tail will pivot with barely a paddle stroke, so you can stuff the gates pivoting inside of your competitors effortlessly. Reduced bow mass keeps swing weight to a minimum, so less energy is required to turn the boat, or accelerate it, and if you have to, you can dip the nose under your competitors boats, interfering with their turn.

Did we mention the speed? If you need that burst to make a pass, you'll have it.

Of course not everyone is racing at an Olympic level, and testing has shown this to be a very agile and fun river runner. It'll surf any wave you can find, and squirt every eddy on the way down, making this one heck of a fun boat to paddle, even when you're not racing for gold.