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Soul Kids Kayak Mini Me



Das kleinste Kinderboot von Soul, der Mini Me! Jetzt vorbestellen und ein mail an info@riverstore.at schicken.

Länge: 142cm

Breite: 50cmVolumen: 86 Liter

Cockpit: 60 x 34cm

Empfohlens Paddlergewicht: 7 - 18kg

Im Preis enthalten is die frei Haus Lieferung in Deutschland und Österreich! In andere Länder auf Anfrage.

Your kids want to go paddling as badly as you do, and until now there have simply been very limited options to put them on the water.  We're changing that. The Mini Me is targeted to smaller kids between about 2-5yrs old, with a price point that makes it easy for you to get them on them water.

We understand that most small children just want to have a positive paddling experience. They're not doing anything fancy. The focus is really on making learning to paddle easy. It has a solid stable feeling when sitting on the water, with minimal pitch, rock or yaw, instilling confidence.

It runs through wave trains with ease, with enough length to make it longitudinally stable, and the drop down skeg helps those really young kids to keep it going straight.

The end grab loops are made for an adults hand, so you can transport, or grab the kayak easily on the water, for both ease and safety.