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Robfin Miniraft


Lieferzeit derzeit August!!!


In Amerika ganz normal, bei uns noch nicht. Mit dem privaten Raft mit Familie oder Freunden unterwegs! Natürlich nur mit entsprechender Erfahrung und Information!

Das Miniraft von Robfin ist derzeit mit Abstand die erste Wahl in dieser Bootsklasse! Wir haben in den nächsten Tagen ein Testraft im Riverstore!

Length 290 cm
Width 140 cm
Weight 32 kg
Tube diameter 40 cm
Inner width 60 cm
Inner length 210 cm
Number of chambers 5+2
Thwarts 2
Recomended for 2+1 paddlers


Rafting boat for 3. Real Professional boat with all details and parts of regular raft, just made for 3 paddlers only.

If you want to do rafting in small on smaller rivers and have fun, this boat is just for you.

Stable as a raft but playful as canoe, opening doors to whitewater for you.

High quality PVC/PU fabric, doubled on the bottom, UV resistant.

On some rivers where restriction apply for bigger crafts, ROBfin Miniraft is free of all regulations.
On some places you can do rafting for free, on others you pay as a canoe.
You will have kids on reach of your hand all the time in this small raft and you can have no headache that you will flip on easier rivers.

Strong, rigid, 7 chamber raft with double layers on the bottom as a standard.