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NRS SUP Board Grass Fin


Momentan ausverkauft! Lieferbar wieder ab Ende 2020/Anfang 2021!

Finne für vergraste und seichte Gewässer, passend für NRS SUPs.

The unique design of the NRS SUP Board Grass Fin delivers impressive tracking performance without being impeded by grass, weeds and other shallow-water obstacles.

    • Shaped and designed for maximum performance in shallower waters where grass and other marine flora is common.

    • Built with rugged nylon-reinforced plastic.

    • A tethered locking tab holds the fin securely in the plate.

  • Compatible with any NRS or STAR iSUP, including older NRS models.


    • Nylon-reinforced plastic

Fin Dimensions:

    • 13.5 cm T

Base Dimensions:

    • 3.5 cm W x 19 cm L

Weight: 227 g